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The reason to choose Parsons Ave Car Wash, is that it is unique, the owner/operator has over 40 years of experience in the car wash industry. He has perfected the formulations matrix and delivery systems to consistently deliver the absolute best car wash experience you can find.

You are not alone, the owner/operator is onsite or just a phone call away for any assistance. When you enter the car wash, you will begin the experience. To start the car wash you will need quarters. The bill changer is located at the front of the building. 

- ZERO Damage ​Car Wash -

For best results use everything on selection switch

1. Hot Wheel Tire - Distribute ample amount to wheel and tire, recommended amount would be 3 to 4 times around tire and wheels.

2. Hot Pre-Soak – Start from the bottom of the car and bring upwards horizontally, pre-soak will repeat and come back down.

3. Soap – High pressure clean car, pressure cleans out pores of paint and behind molding, emblems and etc.

4. Foam Brush – Natural bristle is the only apparatus that should touch your car. Nothing will get caught in it just like human hair (rags, sponge and mitts get microscopic glass, sand and dirt caught in it).

5. Rinse – Rinse entire car using high-pressure.

6. Wax – Wax entire car, recommended 2 to 3 times around the car more wax, more shine, more protection (don't forget to wax the wheels. This will keep the brake dust from sticking on you next vist)

7. Spot Free Rinse – Surgical quality water, will air dry without spotting.

Soft Water · Hot Pre-soak · Free Air ·

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Most Powerful Vacuum In Town! 

Your Self Service Hand Car Wash Center in Brandon FL

Parsons Avenue Self Service Hand Car Wash
123 S. Parsons Ave. Brandon Florida